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1. A minimum non-refundable booking fee of the total booking value is required to confirm any discussed booking.

2. Cancellations of any services booked with LAVISH EVENTS should be made in writing and received by LAVISH EVENTS no less than 28 days prior to the date of the booked event clearly stating the reason for cancellation.

3. Failure to cancel within the specified timescale will mean that the named client will incur the full booking fee to be paid and cleared in full by the booked function date.

4. Payments made to LAVISH EVENTS are non transferable by the CLIENT and only applies to the date booked by the CLIENT.

5. The named client will be held liable for all costs of repair or replacement In the event that any persons present at the event damages any equipment provided or supplied by LAVISH EVENTS at a function.

6. The client will allow LAVISH EVENTS adequate setting up time, prior to the performance, and sufficient time afterwards to dismantle and remove the equipment from the venue.

7. All tips made by LAVISH EVENTS at the function will remain the property of LAVISH EVENTS, and not the customer.

8. LAVISH EVENTS reserves the right to provide an alternative supplier / entertainer in the unlikely event of unforeseen circumstances arising.

9. Unless agreed otherwise, an extra fee will be charged to the named client if LAVISH EVENTS performs in excess of the specified time.

10. The client must inform LAVISH EVENTS in the event of stairs leading to the function room, i.e. when the function room is not on ground level. This information must be provided to LAVISH EVENTS at the time of agreeing the cost of our service. Failure to inform LAVISH EVENTS of such factors may result in the client being charged an extra amount, which must be paid by the function date.

11. LAVISH EVENTS cannot be held liable in the unlikely event of any third party supplies or suppliers not arriving or supplying their products and/or services on the required date or at the required time. If they do not arrive or supply these services at all, you will be refunded the full amount you paid for that particular service. These services may include any service/s arranged by LAVISH EVENTS on the client's behalf, which are not part of LAVISH EVENTS.

12. Booking fee's paid in cash must be paid in person for which a receipt will be issued.

13. Cash Balances must be paid in full upon the LAVISH EVENTS team arrival at the venue on the date of the event for which a receipt will be issued.

14. LAVISH EVENTS reserve the right to not begin the set up process or begin providing their services at the CLIENTS event until the balance has been paid and cleared in full.

15. It is the named client's responsibility to ensure that all monies are paid promptly and correctly for which LAVISH EVENTS will issue the CLIENT with a payment confirmation.

16. Should LAVISH EVENTS decides to carry out the performance without receipt of the balance then the client automatically gets charged a £50 late payment fee and will also be charged 10% interest to any pending balance amount every 7 day period after the balance becomes overdue.

17. The CLIENT undertakes the responsibility for ensuring that LAVISH EVENTS is given access to the venue and earthed mains electricity supply on their arrival. Please note that the correct amount of kilowatts must be provided for the package you (the CLIENT) have booked.

18. LAVISH EVENTS will not accept any liability for power cuts however we will co-operate with the venue to try and rectify the problem. If reducing the equipment booked by the CLIENT will overcome power problems at the venue then LAVISH EVENTS is given full authority to do so without consulting the CLIENT.

19. The CLIENT understands that no compensation or price reductions will be given by LAVISH EVENTS for power cut issues or for the reduction of equipment due to electricity power issues.

20. LAVISH EVENTS will always give advice and recommendations on the packages and equipment for the CLIENTS event, however it's the CLIENTS duty to ensure that the package and equipment they book will fit and is sufficient for their event and venue.